NEPTUNE is an event-driven distributed computing framework. It contains three entities: server, agent and client.

An agent is a service provider, which exposes several business interface in the form of messages.

A server is like the UDDI in web service, it provides the global information of the service ability, and a method to discover the services. Server is only an option to the system. Without the server, the agents can also form a network to serve the clients.

Client is a terminal software, it can exchange information with agent and give user a friendly user interface.

Concepts in agent

Agent is based on MVC structure, named Resource, Business and Monitor in NEPTUNE. The basic component in Agent is service. There are three kinds of basic services: Resource Service, Business Service and Monitor Service. The relationship among them is shown in following diagram:

concepts in agent

Resource service provides several methods to access the data/model. Only business service have the full rights to acess the data. Monitor can only receive the resource change events.

Business service exposes the business interfaces for the client in forms of messages.

Monitor service registers the system events and distributes them to the clients.

What’s New

NEPTUNE is still under development, the plan of this project can be found in the PLAN menu. New tasks and processes will be updated there. You can also get the process of the development from the Gantt chart:


The information of released versions can be found below:

14 Janv 2011 version 0.1

1. build up the service and message passing mechanism.

2. created several system services to provide basic functions.

3. finished the client connection work flow.4. a Hello World example is provided


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